PPD Disclosure Text


Dear Employee Candidate, as Tunca Attorney Partnership in the capacity of data supervisor, we would like to inform you within the scope of the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“Law”) regarding the processing of personal data that you provide us for job application.

What Kind of Personal Data Do We Process?

The purpose of this Disclosure Text  is to inform you about the personal data including your contact information such as Turkish Identification Number, name-surname, photo, gender, date of birth, marital status, address, telephone number, and e-mail address as well as your personal data such as educational and professional background that you provide to us as part of your job application, your answers that you provide for the personality and ability tests which will be completed during the job application process, and your test results (hereinafter will be referred to as “Personal Data”).

For What Purposes and Legal Reasons Do We Process Your Personal Data?

Your Personal Data is collected and processed: as it is directly related to the establishment of an employment contract between you and Tunca Attorney Partnership pursuant to Article 5/2 (c) of the Law; and

to review your job application and to carry out other standard human resources processes;

to contact with you for making job interviews and/or for the employment and carry out other procedures regarding the employment;

to send you personality and ability tests to determine whether your personal abilities are suitable for the job position you apply for as part of the review of your job application; to ensure that the mentioned tests are performed and to evaluate their results, without the need for your explicit consent,

for the reason that it is compulsory for our legitimate interests as data supervisor, pursuant to the Article 5/2 (f) of the Law, and

in case that your application results negatively, to keep your personal data for a reasonable period of time in order for Tunca Attorney Partnership to determine whether your skills are suitable for potential business opportunities that may occur in the future, and to communicate with you about potential business opportunities, without your explicit consent.

To Whom and For What Purposes Can We Transfer Your Personal Data?

Your personal data may be shared with third-party companies that are located in the country and receive the service / support / consultancy of Tunca Attorney Partnership, provided that it is only necessary to fulfill the purposes of processing the above mentioned personal data and provided that the necessary security measures are taken to protect your personal data.

Which Methods Do We Use to Collect Your Personal Data?

Your personal data is collected via documents and information (such as your CV sent by e-mail or during the job application you made through the website) that you will send us electronically or in the electronic environment with your answers to the personality and ability test to be sent to you; orally through interviews with employees of Tunca Attorney Partnership or in writing through job application forms that you will fill out.

Your Rights on Personal Data

You have the below rights as per the Article 11 of Law on Protection of Personal Data:

Learn whether your personal data are processed or not, to request information if it is processed,

Learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used in compliance with the respective purpose,

Know the third persons to whom your personal data is transferred,

Request correction if your personal data are processed incomplete or inaccurate, and request notification of this situation to third parties such data are transferred to, if you exercise this right,

Request deletion or removal of your personal data if the reasons for the processing of your personal data disappear, and request notification of this situation to third parties such data are transferred to, if you exercise this right,

Object to the result that arises about you through the analysis of the information we obtain via automated systems and seek compensation in case you suffer a loss.

You can personally deliver your requests and applications regarding the execution of the Law by filling the Data Owner Form of Law on Protection of Personal Data to the address of “Yıldızevler Mahallesi 738. Cadde No:2/B Çankaya/ANKARA” in written form or send via a Notary Public or by means of secure electronic signature or mobile signature in electronic environment.

It is compulsory that your requests and applications include:

Name, surname and, if the application is in written form, signature,

Turkish identity number for the citizens of the Turkish Republic while for foreign people, nationality, passport number or identity number, if available,

Address of residential area or place of business for notification,

Electronic mail address, telephone and fax number for notification, if available

Subject of request.

Information and documents regarding the subject should be added to the application. Our Company shall conclude the demands involved in the applications within the shortest time possible depending on the nature of the demand and within thirty days at the latest and free of charge. Besides, if the relevant procedure requires any cost, the compensation in the tariff determined by Personal Data Protection Board may be collected. Our Company may accept the application or decline it on justified grounds and communicate its response to data subject in writing or in electronic media. Our Company do what is necessary and informs the relevant person if the request in the application is accepted. In case the application is lodged due to a mistake made by our Company, the collected compensation shall be reimbursed. Data controller has the right to lodge a complaint to the Board within thirty days as of the date (s)he learned the answer and within sixty days as of the application date in case the application is rejected, the given answer is insufficient or the application is not responded in due time.

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