Banking and Finance Law

Developments emerging in the areas of national and international trade, technology, information technology are bringing the need for finance therewith. Financial needs arising out of increasing investments, leads also an increase in banking transactions in terms of variety, number and monetary volume and all these progresses increase the need for legal regulation and consultancy.

In line with the said legal necessities in Banking and Finance Law, Tunca Attorney Partnership, handles and manages all legal matters and processes, including drafting required documentation, conduct of due diligence studies, provision of legal opinions, participating negotiations, for and on behalf of both commercial banks, investment banks, financial institutions and investors from various sectors.    

Within the terms of Banking and Finance Law, Tunca Attorney Partnership’s experienced team provides sustainable legal services and consultancy, conducts and follows up the relevant processes as regards to loans and securities; project finance, construction & purchasing finance, real estate finance, asset finance, structured finance, financial restructuring / refinancing, financial lease, factoring and other financing services; debt instruments; transactions before debt securities market, BRSA, BAT, SDIF, CGF and dispute resolution.

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