Energy and Mining Law

Tunca Attorney Partnership provides legal consultancy services in relation to wind, solar, geothermic / thermic and hydro-electric power plant and water supply projects including all kinds of commercial activities, permission processes and penal sanctions imposed by relevant institutions regarding natural gas, petroleum and mining sectors and markets.

In this context, Tunca Attorney Partnership represents a broad range of players engaging in energy sector such as generators, natural gas and energy suppliers and marketers, upstream, midstream & downstream oil and gas companies, public and other legal entities in connection with structuring, financing, obtainment of regulatory authority approvals, carrying out energy projects, transfers and M & A’s of energy projects and power plants, resolution of disputes arisen between consumers and regulatory authorities during the generation processes and management of these processes, legislative and judicial matters in respect thereof.

Within the content of the said judicial processes, Tunca Attorney Partnership, which takes an active role in terms of resolution of disputes arising within the period following the obtainment of required licenses and commencement of generation phase, produces rapid and effective solutions to all legal concerns encountered.

In order to ensure interests of the clients, Tunca Attorney Partnership’s experienced team members, deal with the legal management of Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”) processes regarding energy power plants and mine sites; follow up of annulment lawsuits initiated against the decisions of expropriation / urgent expropriation and performing the expropriation transactions. In the same manner, Tunca Attorney Partnership provides all required legal support and pursues the judicial processes within the scope of Mining Law, including drafting required contracts with respect to exploration, development and production activities of petroleum, natural gas and other mines.   

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