Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

In addition having an extensive experience in IP oriented sectors, such as drugs, pharmacological products, chemicals, medical devices, consumers electronics, textiles, lightening, optical technologies, appliances, machines, laser technologies, fashion, shoes, media and entertainment, construction and real estate, automotive, publishing, software etc., Tunca Attorney Partnership has an experienced and specialized team which provides consultancy services including but limited to copyrights, trademarks, patents, portfolio management, competitive firm IP analysis, IP audits and IP lawsuits, licensing, misleading advertisement and unfair competition.  

Tunca Attorney Partnership’s team in charge supports its clients in negotiating and preparing commercial arrangements such as assurance of supply and distribution alliance, research and development, appointments and joint ventures, franchising, development of business selling and internal IP management strategies and in the meantime they provide research, consultancy and litigation services in relation to patent infringement, determining the nonoccurrence of infringement, nullity, unfair competition, setting up the strategies protecting patent right, compliance with and conformity to patent and utility model rights and relevant legislation in general and particularly determining the actual status of technic.     

In addition thereto, Tunca Attorney Partnership’s experienced team of attorneys, pursue invalidity, annulment and cancellation lawsuits (in relation to setting up the strategies protecting trademark right), the lawsuits regarding protection of well-known trademark, protection against dilution, confusion and unfair competition, counterfeit of commercial package and high volume lawsuits for damages and in the meantime they file and follow up the applications for stopping and detention at customs and search and seizure by means of penal and civil actions.

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