International Commercial Law & Arbitration

As to the disputes, arising out of international trade and investment deals, Tunca Attorney Partnership represents both national, international and multinational companies taking part as plaintiff’s party and governmental bodies taking part as defendant’s party.      

In virtue of international detailed studies made and information as to the various local legal systems acquired so far, Tunca Attorney Partnership can present its clients distinctive professional solution flexibility and creativity in relation to the international commerce and related arbitration processes and it can also bring local and foreign professionals together rapidly and effectively who are informed and experienced in provision of international arbitration services.

Within the scope of both international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration, Tunca Attorney Partnership represents and consults its clients before the major international arbitration institutions, including ICC, GAFTA, Istanbul Arbitration Centre and ICSID in relation to both pending and recently initiated judicial processes.

In addition thereto, Tunca Attorney Partnership’s arbitrational experts provide legal services as to the AD HOC arbitration proceedings pending between the investors and the government and provide investment policy consultancy services to various foreign governmental bodies and represents them in international investment deals’ negotiations, with their extensive knowledge and experience acquired so far.

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