Public Procurement Law

Tunca Attorney Partnership, provides extensive legal services to its leading clients in numerous sectors in terms of participating and contracting processes of public procurements. Tunca Attorney Partnership, having legal professionals experienced and specialized in Public Procurement Law which constitutes the main field of expertise of Tunca Attorney Partnership since its establishment in 2004, supports its clients in relation to complaint and demurral complaint processes of disputes arising in tendering phases before execution of the contracts as well as pursues dispute resolution and litigation processes in relation to the disputes arising out of the contracts.

Tunca Attorney Partnership represents its clients in whole process as from the preparation of tendering documents in accordance with the specifications of tenders initiated by the Public Procurement Law up to the resolution of every civil / administrative disputes may arise after the tendering phase. 

Tunca Attorney Partnership’s Administrative Law team moreover manages the processes of legislative harmonization and inform of the clients as to the legislation and implementation amendments and developments in conformity with this legislation.    

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