8th of March International Women’s Day Panel

As Tunca Attorney Partnership, we organized the “8th of March International Women’s Day Panel” in cooperation with the Flying Broom Foundation, which was held on the 4th of March 2022 in the Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum. With this event, we aimed to raise awareness with regard to the International Women’s Day, which stands for the burdens and difficulties that women face and whose importance and value gradually increases since its recognition.

In this event, the participants originating from the law and arts communities had the opportunity to enjoy the “Observing Law from the Art’s Perspective” panel which was enabled by the contribution of our distinguished panelists Gülden Treske, Ceren Kurt and Deniz Şengenç, the piano recital by pianist Burçe Karaca and the movie posters of the Flying Broom Foundation Film Festival. We thank all participants for the intensive interest that they have shown for the event.


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