We Received Trainees with Ankara Bar Association!

As part of the agreement between Tunca Attorney Partnership and Ankara Bar Association to support trainee solicitors, supportive programs to continue for 2 weeks have started.

The prospective attorneys, who complete their training contract at Tunca Attorney Partnership as per the agreement, have the opportunity to experience their professional knowledge in practice. Caring about professional solidarity with the support we provide for Trainee Solicitors in every aspect, we, as Tunca Attorney Partnership family, have been continuing to enable trainees to improve their professional competence for 16 years. During the 2-week training program, trainee solicitors have the opportunity to get training from the expert staff of Tunca Attorney Partnership in many areas from editing trial texts to obtaining needed documents, from client representation to remarkable points and subjects along with required inquiry questions.

As part of the agreement signed with Ankara Bar Association, we are glad to have Winter Term trainees and feel pleased for the Tunca Attorney Partnership getting larger every passing day while wishing our prospective colleagues success in their school and career!

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